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Friday, May 07, 2010


I haven't been here for very long, only long enough to land at "Stockholm" Skavsta Airport (not actually in Stockholm, or even very close... thanks Ryanair!), take a bus to Stockholm, purchase a ticket for Orebro, and ride on a very lovely train through some fun countryside to Orebro. Initial impressions: this is like the bizarro NWT. The trees are the exactly the same: small, stunted, mostly pine, basically shitty. There appear to be lots of little lakes basically exactly like the ones out past Yellowknife on the Ingraham Trail, with cabins built on rocky shores. Except there are railway bridges soaring over these lakes, and next to a thicket of those pathetic little trees is what appears to be a fertile field. Things actually grow here! That, and periodically, there is a large city like Stockholm or Vasteras or Orebro, where in the NWT there are only places like Fort Providence and Hay River.

Servings of herring I've consumed so far: 0

Open-faced sandwiches I've consumed so far: 0

Conversations I've had about ABBA so far: 0


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