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Monday, May 31, 2010

Buffalo, Day 1

So here I am, six years after my first visit.

This isn't a proper trip. I'm basically here for a conference which begins Thursday night, and I will have to spend my nights working on my presentation. This is hardly ideal - there are some interesting pubs around here that I wanted to check out - but I will still have plenty of time to wander and explore during the day. And eat. Definitely, definitely, definitely. That all begins tomorrow.

Earlier tonight I asked two dudes on the street, both African American, if they knew anywhere I could get soul food/southern food in Buffalo. The first guy responded "fuck you man!" and stomped away. I wonder if perhaps he thought that I was being racist. The second guy told me to check out Broadway Market, in the East Side (not the safest part of the city). He then demanded money for having answered the question; I think he may have been a hobo. I gave him a dollar.


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