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Sunday, January 18, 2009

So I've decided to keep this a travel blog. I've thought about blogging regularly about other topics, and even made a few abortive efforts to that end, but ultimately the minutiae of my daily life doesn't interest me enough to bother chronicling on a regular basis. But traveling... now there's a topic everyone loves. I like writing about it and people evidently like reading about it.* So I'm going to stick to that.

(*A woman from Mozambique actually commented on one of my Maputo posts. I am absolutely shocked that anybody outside my circle of family/friends/acquaintances actually reads this.)

The bad news: since I have a semester from hell*, there will be very little traveling for the next four or so months. The good news: from May until August it looks I'll be in almost constant motion. For starters, I'll be attending a conference in Asheville, North Carolina at the end of May. Also, I've resolved to do some local travel in southwestern Ontario when the weather turns. And finally, it looks as though I may have all of July and August to myself, so obviously I'm getting out of the country (though I'm still thinking about where I want to go).

(*Semester from hell: comprehensive exam [massive written/oral exam that take 3-5 months to prepare for, and if I get less than 75% then I get thrown out of my program. No pressure or anything] + reading-intensive class + re-writing two papers + preparing two conference presentations + Grapevine duties + finding a new apartment for early May + helping to find my parents a place in Toronto for their imminent move)

But as of now I'm stuck here... and Ontario in the winter SUX.


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