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Monday, June 02, 2008

So it's almost go time, and I'm starting to have that nervous/apprehensive/freaked out feeling I always get before I set off on extended travels. Eeeeek! Tonight I began the packing process. It looks as though my backpack will be half clothes, half miscellaneous other stuff, which is unusual for me. I usually bring as little miscellaneous stuff other as possible, because it's almost easier (and cheaper) to buy things on location once you get there (case in point: the preposterous $5 rain poncho I bought in Costa Rica). So this trip is a little different. For example, I am bringing bug dope from here, largely because I'd read that the stuff most commonly available in Moz. isn't especially good (I'm curious - does that mean it's too weak, or that it's 100% DEET and will make my skin melt?).

There is still a lot of stuff left to buy, so I'm making a trip to Canadian Tire at Wonderland and Southdale tomorrow (really, a gigantic excuse to eat Colombian concoctions at La Tienda). There is additional strip mall dystopia around there so I can pick up whatever I can't get at Crappy Tire close by. I need the following:

-A Leatherman Tool, because I am a real man who kills snakes with my bare hands, skins them with my Leatherman and then turns them into a fine pair of boots. Swiss Army knives are for girly men.
-String, which I will offer to corrupt police officers asking for bribes.
-A flashlight, preferably lighthouse-strength.
-Thumb tacks, because you'd be surprised by how much one can do with thumb tacks.
-Ziploc bags, which will be used to smuggle contraband back to Canada.

I am thinking about maybe buying a lightweight belt, preferably one I won't have to remove when I go through metal detectors. Maybe I'll just lash a rope around my pants, because that is what REAL men who use Leatherman Tools do. I also thought about buying a hat to protect to my rapidly balding head from the tropical sun, but I couldn't find what I was looking for and will tempt sun stroke instead.


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