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Thursday, May 01, 2008

I was injected with my Hepatitis A on Tuesday and my arm felt like it weighed 50,000 pounds for about a day and half afterwards. Shockingly, that's the vaccines I need - maybe. Mozambique and Malawi aren't yellow fever countries, but Brazil is. I need to contact Air Canada, South African Airlines, and the embassies of Malawi and Mozambique to figure out what their policies are about travel to/from Brazil. It's conceivable that Air Canada and SAA won't let me board their flights without proof of vaccination (despite the fact that I'm leaving the Sao Paulo airport, which is hardly a yellow fever zone), or that Mozambique and Malawi might not let me enter their countries. Or, says my doctor, they might put me into quarantine and then administer the vaccine themselves. I've kind of always wanted the experience of being quarantined, but not on this trip.

Also, I'm learning Portuguese.


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