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Sunday, March 16, 2008

So my first trip is booked! I want to reprint my itinerary because it's so effing awesome.

June 4: AC Jazz #7724. Depart London 20:20, arrive Toronto 21:02.
June 4: Air Canada #90. Depart Toronto 22:45, arrive Sao Paulo 9:55 (June 5)
June 5: South African Airlines #223. Depart Sao Paulo 18:00, arrive Johannesburg 7:40 (June 6)
June 6: SA Airlines #142. Depart Johannesburg 9:40, arrive Maputo 10:45

July 9: TAP Portugal #278. Depart Maputo 17:35, arrive Lisbon 5:45 (July 10)
July 10: TAP #354. Depart Lisbon 8:10, arrive Heathrow 10:50
July 10: AC #857. Depart Heathrow 12:05, arrive Toronto 14:45
July 10: AC Jazz #7717. Depart Toronto 16:50, arrive London 17:30

EXCITING! New airlines, new airports, a flight over the South Atlantic, and, oh yeah, 5 weeks in Mozambique. I'm more than likely going to check out Malawi as well. 5 weeks is not enough - Mozambique is a BIG country - but it's the best I can do right now.

I was briefly considering going into Sao Paulo during the 8 hour layover I have there for I've decided not to for multiple reasons (cost of a visa, distance to the city center, unpredictable traffic jams). Too bad, I had visions of spending my June 5 eating sushi in Liberdade. Guarulhos Airport will have to do!

Um, should I be learning Portuguese?


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