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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So you mean I leave tomorrow?

Evidently tomorrow is July 31. What the hell happened to the last three weeks? I feel as though I haven't slept in my bed in London for longer than three nights in a row. And I probably haven't. Tomorrow I will be sleeping on an Air France A330, and the night after in Belgrade. Crazy, that. Itinerary:

1. Air France 373, Detroit (DTW) to Paris (CDG). Departs July 31 19:00, arrives August 1 8:50

2. Air France 2988, Paris (CDG) to Belgrade (BEG). Departs August 1 9:35, arrives 11:50

I don't have anywhere to stay in Belgrade right now. I should probably get on that.

I am extremely curious about what kind of shit is going down in Serbia after Karadzic's capture and extradition to the Hague.



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